SVIBO games is brand name for a logic-based, combinatorial games group includes number-selection puzzles and others puzzles based on mathematical optimization games. Number-selection puzzles based on classical mathematical tasks of discrete mathematics - Assignment Problem (AP) and Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP).

The abbreviation of SVIBO is the names of Boris Kheifets family members: Svetlana Vitaly Irit BOris.

The designer of SVIBO is Boris Kheifets. He began his research with using travelling salesman problem for routing of company internal auto transport in 1977. Travelling salesman problem is well-known mathematical problem. History of this problem sees on that web site.

One of the results of Boris Kheifets' research was development of a precise mathematical algorithm for solving the traveling salesman problem. This algorithm can be effectively used to solve the traveling salesman problem manually on matrices of up to 20x20, depending on the ratio of the matrix elements. In the future, this algorithm has been generalized for the task assignments.

AP Matrix Game is similar than TSP Matrix Game and we decided to begin developing our web site from this SVIBO game. Particular attention is paid to the general concept of constructing the proposed game and demonstration optimization algorithmic approach for players. Presented SVIBO game can be classified as combinatorial game by the numerical criterion on digital matrix field.

This SVIBO game is intellectual mathematical puzzle. This SVIBO game can be seen as an introduction to the understanding of mathematical optimization and be useful for people who deal with practical problems of appointments in the distribution of works between the executors. This SVIBO game is intended for students, graduate students and professionals who study and research in the field of discrete mathematics and other branches of mathematics, as well as fans of entertaining games of all ages that are familiar with combinatorial problems in discrete mathematics.

We think that mathematical optimization games are important for development skills in logical optimization thinking, which predetermines the forming such character traits as honesty and thoroughness, which are important in practical life.

I wish to master successfully the proposed new entertaining SVIBO game. Play in this brain game, have fun and get satisfaction from the game. Add in the game process more elements of the game sport spirit and it will contribute to positive results in the development of players.

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Boris Kheifets